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Sistema para agilizar el Check in

Your guest’s time is gold. Do not make him wait.


-Guests do not like to wait to receive their room’s key they have already payed. They feel anxious and stressed.

-Guests wait in the queue while the receptionist makes mechanic tasks with no added value.

-It is likely to make mistakes when entering information from the passport; especially with people from other countries, due to different formats and spellings.

-Time is gold. There is no point in waisting it in no-value-added actions.The customer experience will be negatively affected.

-The receptionist, the first image the client gets form the establishment, must be nice and polite. The fact of having to introduce many data in a repetitive way, may make him feel bored and tired. This can be reflected in his attitude towards the customer, and result in an incorrect behaviour. .


-Quick Check-in. It recudes guests’ waiting time up to a 90%.

-Check-in is made automatically through a QR code.

-There are no mistakes when introducing data in the PMS. It is the user the one who introduces it and checks it right after. He just has to take a picture of his passport and it is done!

-The customer downloads hotel’s app thanks to its benefits. It is possible to get cross-sellings or improve the customers’ experience.

-The receptionist just has to check the passport. He does not need to introduce any data. The receptions will be attentive and polite and could increase hotel’s sales and  ancillary services of the establishment.


It is not necessary to integrate it with PMS. It is already integrated in all of them.

It is possible to integrate it with the app of the hotel, in case it already has one.

It allows to use the digital signature thanks to the last technology of virtual images.

It enables to obtain basic information of customers in origin. You can interact with him before he comes to the hotel.

We use the last technology to work on captured images and processing of information from the passport.

It is compatible with our product BeCheckin. If the hotel or apartment already has BeCheckin, it is possible to get data and send the electronic key in the moment he registers. This way, the check-in will be direct, and he will have the key in his mobile phone.

We work together with you and make a deep study to understand your needs and offer the best solution.
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