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1.- About BeCheckin. What do we do?
At Becheckin we offer a global solution for tourist accommodation.
On the one hand, the digital part, which includes the FastCheckin service (online Check In service available from the moment of booking), interactive mapping (offers activities and customizes the guest’s stay) and direct payment services in your hotel (payment-collection gateway both inside the hotel and in the recommended activities). On the other hand we offer a system of opening doors with the mobile compatible with the traditional opening that also offers a control of the registers and finally the domotic control of the room, so that the guest during his stay has everything on his mobile . To enjoy all this, the guests will simply put a link in their browser (WebApp) or download the BeCheckin Pro App.
2.- How can I hire / be informed about the services offered by BeCheckin?
If you are a booking client, contact us at: booking@becheckin.com, if you are not a booking client contact us at info@becheckin.com, we will be happy to help you.
3.- How does the FastCheckin system work?
Nowadays our fastcheckin system consists in that the guests through a WebApp can send their personal data only by taking a photo to their ID or passport and these data are sent directly to the tourist establishment. In addition, the photo is automatically deleted, it is only done to extract the data from the photo and that the guest does not have to fill them out by hand. By this way you will not have to wait for queues on arrival, the establishment may have a file in the room so that when you come alone you have to sign it (insolvable obligation by police).
4.- Can the guest do the FastCheckin through any mobile?
Yes, it can be done through any mobile, tablet or computer, both iOS and Android, it is not necessary either to download an App, the check-in online is done through a WebApp so that no client has problems of download, compatibility or memory.
5.- How do I receive the FastCheckin data at the reception?
The accommodation, in its dashboard or control panel receives the guest’s data at the time he has made the FastCheckin and the data are received directly in the file of the police, saving all that work to the receptionist.
6.- Is online check in available for tourist apartments?
Effectively for establishments where there is no reception or no night reception is not necessary to be available for late check-in. The online check-in is done and afterwards during the 24 hours that the law marks the owner must make the guest sign in the paper the form paper.
7.- Can Becheckin be integrated with hotel management systems such as PMS or hotel-owned applications?
Yes, we have an open and flexible API that can be provided to the integrator who requests it, being very fast and simple.
8.- Is there a limited number of online check-in?
No, once the service is hired, the number of guests that perform the online check-in is unlimited, without incurring any additional cost or surcharge.
9.- Are there other systems for opening doors through the mobile? How is Becheckin different?
Yes, there are more systems. The difference of Becheckin is that we do not change the existing locks and we give priority to security. By not modifying what exists, we attach importance to the current appearance, and the cost is lower.
10.- By not changing, can you continue using the system that you currently have?
Everything can continue as it has been until now. If there are people who do not want to use the mobile they do not have to do it. They would continue opening as always, either with a key or with a card.
11.- What connection technology to the door does Becheckin use? Can any client open the door? What does the guest have to do to open a door? Is it necessary to download an APP? Is it necessary to have 4G in the mobile, is it necessary to be connected to the wifi, is it necessary to have the active Bluetooth to open?
Becheckin uses Bluetooth connection both traditional 2.0 and last generation BLE, we also use wifi technology, so any Smartphone can open a door if previously authorized, we are also able to interact remotely. Therefore the guest once registered and authorized, when the check-in begins, the door can be opened.
We have several ways to interact through the Smartphone:
-On the one hand the guest can download an APP (either ours or if your APP is integrated) and as soon as you log in you will have your keys that have been authorized.
-On the other hand the guest may not want to use an APP and in this case you can send a link via e-mail or sms where you will have a key to use and throw where only pressing the link will open the door during the period of time authorized for it.
Regarding the needs in the mobile to open, we have to differentiate if we have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or Bluetooth home automation plate. If we have the first option we can only open with bluetooth in the mobile, if we are in the second option the domotic plate will be connected to the wifi in the room, but to open it only needs the guest to have data in the mobile and in the last case with Bluetooth plates plus wifi, the guest can open with data on the mobile or without them.
12.- Can a door be opened remotely from another place?
Depending on the system, we have systems that we open remotely and others that do not. Always, even if it is opened in a remote way, the opening time is 2 seconds, so if after 2 seconds no one has pushed the door, it automatically closes.
13.- Can several phones open the same room for a while? And can the same mobile open several doors?
The answer to both questions is affirmative. You can authorize from the panel control software as many mobile phones as you want to open a door during the authorized time and you can also be given access to the number of doors you want during the time that is determined to the mobile you want.
14.- How do you do to open the community portal where I have my tourist apartment without talking to the neighborhood community?
What we do is open through the intercom, so we do not need to talk to the community at all. The one that in the end is opening is the intercom, although in the apartment there is nobody.
15.- What is indicated in the registration of the application? Does it indicate the time of the entrances and exits of the room?
The system indicates if the application has been downloaded, if the door has been opened or not, and at what time it has been opened.
16.- How is the security that Becheckin gives me?
We will differentiate the security in two types:
Digital security: We work with ssl encryption protocols for wifi openings. We run encrypted token for bluethooth opening.
Mechanical Safety: We have different degree of mechanical safety depending on the system that is put. There are more mechanically secure systems such as DUO locks or less secure systems like putting an electric strike. We always start from the premise that delivering the physical key (easily copied) to a customer, cleaning and maintenance service is much more insecure than doing it digitally.
17. Does Becheckin only work with the tourism sector?
No, Becheckin digitizes all types of access, whether vehicles, office buildings, logistics centers, ports, residences, gyms …