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Intelligent energy efficiency system.

Why keep them on if there is no one inside?

Energy control and lighting, as well as in real time and online information on electricity consumptions thanks to Wi-Fi technology.  It is possible to link it to the presence of the user’s mobile, or  make it manually with remote control.
Intelligent system of energy efficiency , linked to the presence of the mobile phone: Electricity in the room only when the mobile phone is in.

Aimed to improve and control, in a logical way, the use of different electrical components that have a high consumption and should not remain indefinitely lit when the users are not it.
We can also work with remote control with all the elements of a room. This way, the guest will feel confortable and will find everything according to his needs when he arrives.

Magnificent management tool to know the actual real cost of each room when informing us in real time of the consumption in kw for hours.

It offers different budgets with several electric tariffs to help a correct contracting of our energy supply.

It allows to activate or deactivate it remotely and to control the home automation of each room.

It reflects the consumption of each room by weighted average consumption per hour, days and months. It also informs us of the carbon footprint.

How does it work?

Firstly, we authorize all users who want to access all the electrical consumption of a room.

Once the last mobile phone has left the room, all the electrical devices which had previously been defined will turn.

Sustainability and environment


In this way, we avoid unnecessary waste of electricity, save costs, help to improve the environment and prevent greenhouse effect.

Promotes accessibility


It avoids the complications people with reduced mobility could have. They do not have to introduce any card, and allows the user to have electric power when they arrive, without having to press the switch.

We work closely with you and carry out an extensive study to understand your needs.