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Sistema de control inteligente online.

Proximity wristband to make everything happen.

The wristband can:

  • Open any access.
  • Control ins and outs.
  • Pay or get counterpart entries.
  • Know who entered and when he entered.
  • You always carry the wristband with you.

The most important thing is that everything is directed through the internet in order to be able to

  • Change accesses in real time
  • Refuse access
  • Activate or deactivate what you want
  • Give brand image with your logos and designs visible on a bracelet

Freedom to carry all your accesses, keys, money and wallet on your bracelet

Brand image of your company as it is very visial for anyone

Loyalty for your customer or employee when carrying the company on his or her wrist

Differentiation of competition and obvious modernity

How Does It Work?

Firstly, we designate a bracelet to a client, employee or guest and from that moment onwards, by internet and in real time you can be granted the permissions and licenses that are estimated and know everything about this person.

Uses of Wristbands

With bracelets you can bathe, go to the gym and do all your daily activities.

Promotes accessibility

Avoids the complications that can be caused to people with reduced mobility by not having to insert a card or key and increases comfort.

We work together with you and make a deep study to understand your needs and offer the best solution.
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