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The fact of an establishment being adapted to the 4.0 era is already a differentiating element in the market. Our systems are not exclusive and provide added value, It is about smartbuilding, with the use of new technologies.


We continuously review our operational processes seeking efficiency based on new projects. We have our own R & D & I area to offer effective, technological solutions to our clients.


We totally adapt ourselves to your needs. This customization makes us unique and allows to manage your customized project, by designing, executing and maintenancing it in a proper way. We offer an exclusive support of ticketing for you.


Imagine a system that allows interacting with your guest, even before he arrives to the establishment. This way, increasing sales and the customer experience. Think in a system with no queues in reception, where the information of your clients is introduced directly in your PMS as if by magic when they arrive to the establishment. A system where  the room’s key is got without any human interaction. A system where the electric consumption could be checked whit the smartphone and with no wastes. A conected system where everything could be controlled technologically, offering useful information of what is happening in each room.

This is BeCheckin

abrir con el movil


Opening and controlling any type of access through Bluetooth technology, available on all mobile devices on the market.


Energy control and lighting, linked to the user’s mobile. It also offers us the possibility to control it remotely.


Customized app for hotels and tourist apartments. With a custom design it has the functions requested by each client.


Access control, complement or not of BeCheckin, using keypad anti vandalic, with change of keys online. It works through Wifi.


Access control, as complement or not of BeCheckin, through RFID, with possibility to change the permissions of the cards online. It works through Wifi.


Control access of employees, through Bluetooth, with the employee’s mobile, according to current labor regulations.


Infrared equipment control: Tv, music, A.A. …, linked to the customer’s mobile.


Control and information of habits of users / consumers by means of digitalization of spaces.


Control of proximity payments and user identification for your mobile, we use Bluetooth technology and Wi-Fi.

A new concept.

The key is on your smartphone. In InsertaGroup we start from the premise that the Smartphone accompanies us in our lives, facilitates us and seeks us freedom. It is essential and that is why we always take it with us.
Becheckin smartphone

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